I’m a sociologist and cultural scientist from Berlin (holding an MA in cultural science, and two doctoral degrees: Dr. phil. in sociology, Dr. rer. med. in medical sociology). I am head of the research unit „Social Movements, Technology, Conflicts“ at the Centre for Technology and Society, and fellow at the Centre for Research on Antisemitism (all at  Technische Universität Berlin) as well as research associate at the  Institute for Protest and Social Movement Studies . Please, get in touch!

My major areas of research, expertise and engagement – most of them in the field of political sociology – are:

  • Social movements and protest (discursive, cultural, governmentality and visual approaches)
  • Anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism
  • The left and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • discourse analysis and sociology of knowledge
  • participation and theory of democracy
  • Surveillance studies, CCTV, policing of protest
  • prevention and governmentality


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