Postdemokratische Empörung – Working Paper zu Mahnwachen, Pegida und, und, und…

Von wegen Sommerloch, hier kommt mein aktuelles Working Paper in der Reihe des Protestinstituts zu Empörung und Empörten in der Postdemokratie:

Postdemokratische Empörung. Ein Versuch über Demokratie, soziale Bewegungen und gegenwärtige Protestforschung, Reihe: ipb Working Papers, Juli 2015

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Protest | Culture

We are happy that our volume „Conceptualizing Culture in Social Movement Research“ has now been published. Considerable parts are available online @Google Books.

Culture has become a prominent concept in social movement research. It is, however, often employed in an unsystematic and limited way. This volume introduces and compares different concepts of culture in social movement research. It assesses advantages and shortcomings of existing concepts and introduces new approaches. In particular, it addresses facets of cultural theory that have hitherto been largely neglected in the literature on social movements. This includes ideas from anthropology, discourse analysis, sociology of emotions, narration, spatial theory, and others. The chapters in this volume address three relationships between social movements and culture: culture as a framework for movements, social movements‘ internal culture, and culture and cultural change as a result of social movement activity. For the purpose of making concepts easily accessible, each contribution explains its approach to culture in an understandable way and illustrates it with recent cases of mobilization.

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Für gute Arbeit in der Wissenschaft – Offener Brief an die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie

Auch die wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaften können sich für gute Arbeit einsetzen. Eine Initiative fordert dies nun insbesondere von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie.

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